Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options include CareCredit Plastic Surgery Financing and Medical Financing at Luxxery Cosmetic Surgery

Did you think that you could never afford plastic surgery?

The fees for most cosmetic procedures have gone down. Plastic surgery today is affordable and getting the body that you always wanted is no more expensive than buying a used car.  It is a wrong perception of what cosmetic surgery really cost that makes people think they could not afford it. Please check our list of the average fees of plastic surgery procedures at Luxxery . For as little as $100-$200 per month, patients are now able to have a typical cosmetic surgery procedure, a cost that is within the spending budget of any average person.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Blepharoplasty, upper (eyelid lift)


Blepharoplasty, lower (eyelid lift)


Forehead Lift (Endotine)




Fat Transfer (mid-face)


Facelift (neck & face)


Rhinoplasty (nose job)


Nasal augmentation (with implant)


Cheek augmentation (with implant)


Chin augmentation (with implant)


Laser Hair Removal (per session)

Upper Lip




Beard Control


Under Arms


Upper Arms






Full Face


Brazilian Bikini


Upper Legs


Lower Legs


Full Arms




Full Back


Full Legs


Laser Skin Tightening

Jaw Line


Full Face




Photo Rejuvenation

Full Face




Laser Complexion Blending

Full Face




Skin Needling

Dermapen® Per Session


Facial Vein Therapy

Per session


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Average fees of Plastic Surgery Procedures at Luxxery

The following is an approximate cost of the fees that Dr. Hakki and Luxxery Surgery Center charge to perform the listed procedures. The total cost could vary depending on the patient weight, operating room facility, anesthesia, equipment, garments, and follow up care. Any surgery has cost associated with it and while we understand your desire to get a good price, compromising your health for the cheapest price is not a worthy bargain. Please know that Dr. Hakki is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience and Luxxery Surgery Center is an accredited free standing surgical facility. 

The fees listed include:
  • Dr. Hakki’s fees
  • anesthesia
  • surgery center
  • implants (when applicable)
  • follow-up care

The fees listed do not include:

  • Pre-operative testing: blood work or EKG
  • Garments
  • Special Equipment
  • Cost of revision surgery

Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation (saline)


Breast Augmentation (silicone)


Breast Implant Exchange (saline)


Breast Implant Exchange (silicone)




Breast lift (minor or circum-areolar)


Breast lift (major or full mastopexy)


Breast reduction


Natural Breast Augmentation (with fat grafting)


Body Plastic Surgery

Liposuction of one body area (abdomen or flanks)


Liposuction of two body areas (arms and bra rolls)


Liposuction of calves


Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)


Cherry Tummy Tuck (mini-tuck)


Lower Body Lift


Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


Thigh Lift


Brazilian Butt lift/ augmentation (lipo. + fat grafting)


Male Breast Reduction (for Gynecomastia)

$5,000- 6,500

Fillers and Botox

Injectable Fillers

Juvederm™ - Ultra XC


Juvederm™ - Ultra Plus XC







Forehead - Frown - Crow's feet 1 area


Forehead - Frown - Crow's feet 2 areas


Forehead - Frown - Crow's feet 3 areas






Pubic area


BOTOX® Per unit


Spa Services

His/Hers Signature Facial

$95 - 55 minutes

Keep-it-Snappy Facial

$60 - 30 minutes

Acne Facial

$110 - 55 minutes

Skin Lightening Facial

$140 - 55 minutes

Anti-Aging Facial

$120 - 55 minutes

Microdermabrasion Facial

$175 - 55 minutes


Glycolic Peel

$95 - 30 minutes

Vi Peel™

$350 - 30 minutes

Vi Peel ACNE™

$350 - 30 minutes

PERFECT PEEL 10 intermediate

$250 - 30 minutes

PERFECT PEEL 10 advanced

$350 - 30 minutes

Financing Your Surgery at Luxxery

At Luxxery, Dr. Hakki and his team believe that you should look at your surgery as the best long term investment in yourself. Plastic surgery is no longer exclusive for celebrities or the rich and famous. Plastic surgery financing has made cosmetic surgeries attainable for men and women of all income levels. With some of the major financing institution marketing themselves primarily to the plastic surgery seekers, patients with a steady income are now able to make payments for their cosmetic surgery as if they were making it on their new car.

Payment Types

At Luxxery, we accept several forms of payment including VISA, Master Card and American Express. We also partnered with multiple financing institutions. This allows you, our patients to select from the variety of services that we offer and pay for your procedure with easy, affordable low monthly payments.

Online Financing

Most of our patients can find out how much their procedure will run during their consultation. Patients can either apply online, by phone or smart phone. Upon responding to a few easy questions, you can get the answer to how much you qualify for within minutes. Some of the well known financing institutions we partner with are listed to the right on this page.

For More Information

Please call our knowledgeable staff now at 888-LUXXERY for questions regarding the above fees and your procedure of interest or check our website for a detailed description of your procedure under our services listing.

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CareCredit Healthcare Finance is a health care credit card that can be used as a payment option for cosmetic treatments and surgery. Founded in 1987, CareCredit was initially offered to doctors to help their patients pay for procedures that are often not covered by insurance. CareCredit, a division of GE Money, now offers new choices for care through a network of over 140,000 providers increasing the demand for financing options. offers patients financing options for all elective surgery procedures. Medical financing helps patients obtain financing for procedures such as breast augmentation, buttocks accentuation, liposuction and much more. With loans up to $30,000 and convenient repayment plans, you can feel comfortable knowing your surgery costs will be covered.