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Washington, D.C.
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Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki Returns to Washington, D.C. to Open Luxxery Express Medical Spa in Georgetown

D.C.'s First Ever Botox Boutique, Luxxery Express, Boasts Prestigious Services and Quick Fix Cosmetic Treatments

(Washington, D.C.) – MTV-featured plastic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki has redefined the definition of "running errands" with the opening of Luxxery Express, a Botox® Boutique that will serve as a quick fix lunch-hour cosmetic clinic. The express location of Luxxery Medical Boutique is located at 2141 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. and will open its doors on July 1, 2010.

As the first DC area Botox® Boutique, Luxxery Express serves as a place for Dr. Hakki to provide speedy and convenient cosmetic injectable services such as Botox, Juvederm®, Juvederm XC®, Radiesse® and other non-invasive fillers on a walk-in, no appointment needed basis while also serving as Dr. Hakki's D.C. location for cosmetic surgery consultations.

The boutique offers laser treatments with a full-time aesthetician and an array of medical strength as well as organic skin care products. Call them Botox Boutiques, Botox Cafes, or Botox Express, these establishments offer Botox injections and dermal filler treatments to walk-in patients with no appointment needed. The only debate surrounding Botox Boutiques is not the treatment itself, but who should administer the treatment: trained injectors, cosmetic dermatologists or plastic surgeons? The answer is clear. Plastic surgeons are most familiar with the human muscular-skeletal structure, coupled with a trained eye and finesse. At Luxxery Express, Dr. Hakki will perform all cosmetic services ensuring that patients get the best possible care.

Servicing D.C.'s on-the-go, beauty-driven community, Luxxery Express will add a new "to do" item to the Washingtonian's checklist. A quick wrinkle fix at the local Botox Boutique will accompany the usual errands; a stop at the nail salon, a drop in at the local dry cleaners or a run by the hardware store. Washington will have its own taste of luxury at Luxxery Express, owned and operated by a board certified celebrity plastic surgeon.

After completing a residency at Georgetown University, Dr. Hakki's original office in the heart of Georgetown was catering to Washington D.C.'s elite Georgetown crowd. The Georgetown Aesthetic Clinic opened in January 1987 before any other medical spas or plastic surgery clinics were open in Georgetown. Plastic surgeons were still working out of hospitals and doctors offices. Ahead of his time, Dr. Hakki made the decision to take his clinic to the suburbs of Southern Maryland to cater to a beauty-inspired and under appreciated community. Fifteen years later, Washingtonians no longer have to make the drive to Waldorf for his services. Dr. Hakki makes his return to Georgetown with Luxxery Express.

The boutique is best explained in Dr. Hakki's own words: "Luxxery Express will give my Washington-based clientele the opportunity for fast and convenient rejuvenation. They can walk in during their lunch hour, after highlighting their hair in Georgetown or after grabbing groceries at the Social Safeway. I will be providing a service that is convenient, safe and fairly priced."

A team of dermatology and health care professionals compliment Dr. Hakki's global beauty service dream. Luxxery Express exclusively offers its clientele cosmetic surgery services along with non-invasive procedures such as facial rejuvenation, facials, injectable fillers like Restylane®, Juvederm and Radiesse along with Botox. Laser procedures such as laser hair reduction, skin resurfacing, skin tightening and vein therapy will eventually compliment these services with cutting edge technology effective on all skin colors and types. Luxxery's private label skin care line will also be available at Luxxery Express.

About Dr. Ayman Hakki
Dr. Ayman Hakki always knew he could draw. He wanted to sculpt his environment in one way or another, and decided early on that his talents would be best served as an artist who sculpted bodies or buildings. As an artist first who also happens to love architecture, he saw two alternatives as a career: become a plastic surgeon like Ivo Pitangue whose work on Sophia Lauren popularized cosmetic surgery or become an architect like Frank Gehry whose work evokes both pop culture and high art. His love of beauty and the human body won over his love of architecture, but it didn't dampen his vision of one day designing a medical spa that makes a woman not only look good, but feel good as well.

As the first D.C. metropolitan-area plastic surgeon whose artistry was featured on MTV's "True Life: I Want Breast Implants," Dr. Hakki has a recognizable name both locally and nationally. His reputation of excellence has attracted a diverse clientele, including previous Miss Americas, R & B legends and a number of Washington Redskins' Hall of Famers and Washington Wizards wives. Dr. Hakki's expert opinion on breaking nip/tuck procedures of Alist celebrities is often featured in national outlets such as OK! magazine, Star magazine and US Weekly.

About Luxxery Express
Luxxery Express is located at 2141 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20007, in the heart of Georgetown. To schedule an appointment or for additional information, please contact Luxxery at 301.843.9769 or visit the Luxxery website at

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