The CoolSculpting procedure uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate unwanted fat.  The treated (crystallized) fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body and eliminated fat is gone for good.  Patients may start to see results in as early as three weeks and will experience the most dramatic results between one and three months.

Here are just a few of the health benefits offered by IV therapy:
  • Increased hydration and vital nutrients
  • Improved immune health and overall well-being
  • Reduced signs of aging and more vibrant skin
  • Boosted energy and performance levels
  • Higher metabolism to stimulate weight loss
  • Better athletic performance and recovery
  • Higher antioxidant levels to reduce oxidative damage
  • Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol production
  • Stronger cardiovascular function
  • Heightened clarity and mental focus
  • Faster healing after illness, injury or surgery
  • Proper hormone production
  • Detoxification from alcohol, medication, and pollutants
  • Improved allergy symptoms and histamine release
  • Relief for gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers and nausea
  • Relieved PMS symptoms, headaches, migraines, muscle cramps and pain

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