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Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Breast lift surgery (or “mastopexy”), is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of sagging breasts by tightening the skin and giving the breasts a more youthful projection. The development of breast ptosis (sagginess) and loose skin that creates a “drooping” appearance is extremely common and often results from the natural aging process, pregnancy, genetic factors, fluctuations in weight, or even just the force of gravity. A breast lift from one of our skilled plastic surgeons here at Luxxury Boutique can effectively rejuvenate the breasts with beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Am I a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

The best candidates for breast lift surgery are typically those who are looking to:

  • Improve signs of sagging, drooping breasts
  • Reposition the breasts and nipples to a higher location on the chest
  • Enhance breast contour and shape
  • Reduce the size of the areolas
  • Relocate the nipples to a more centralized position on the breasts

Women who are experiencing moderate to severe breast ptosis are often excellent candidates for breast lift surgery. Some individuals may be candidates for a “minor” breast lift if the nipples are not currently positioned too low on the breasts; however, a minor breast lift does not tighten the breast tissue or lift the breasts.

The Pencil Test

One simple way that you can determine whether you may need a breast lift is called the “Pencil Test.” This can be done at home in front of a mirror. Stand as straight as possible with your shoulders back and place a standard pencil under the breast at the crease where the breast meets the chest. A bra should not be worn during the test. Once you slide the pencil under the breast, let go of it. If the pencil immediately falls to the ground, this may indicate that the breasts are not sagging. If it remains where you placed it, this can be a sign that some degree of breast ptosis (sagginess) has set in, as the weight of the breast tissue is holding the pencil in place. While the Pencil Test is rather informal, it can help many women determine on their own whether their breasts have begun to sag. If so, a breast lift consultation can be scheduled to provide a professional evaluation.

If loss of breast volume is also a concern, our doctor can talk with you about a breast lift with implants procedure, which combines breast lift surgery with breast augmentation to enhance breast size as well as improve skin firmness and the position of the breasts. Our experienced plastic surgeon will evaluate your needs and determine whether a customized breast lift treatment plan is ideal for your ultimate goals. 

What Does the Breast Lift Procedure Involve?

A breast lift can be performed using a number of distinct surgical approaches—the best option for your needs will be decided based on the severity of breast ptosis and your treatment goals. In most cases, an incision will first be made around the nipple and areola area. Then, an incision will be made from that area down to the underside of the breast where the breast tissue meets the chest wall. Excess, inelastic skin will be extracted and the remaining skin will be tightened, while the breasts and nipples will be moved to a new, more youthful and “perky” position.

While general anesthesia is required for breast lift surgery, it should be noted that this procedure is typically performed as an outpatient and should not require an overnight hospital stay.

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What Can I Expect During Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery?

Every patient has unique needs and the recovery experience is somewhat different among individuals. With that in mind, most patients only require about a week of rest and recovery after breast lift surgery before resuming work or other normal daily activities. Swelling, tenderness, and bruising can be expected during the healing process, and a surgical bra may be prescribed for a certain amount of time after surgery. Patients should avoid lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous upper body exercises for a minimum of one month following the breast lift procedure. Our doctor will provide detailed post-operative guidelines to help you obtain the safest and smoothest recovery possible.

If you have additional questions about breast lift surgery, or if you are ready to schedule a complimentary consultation to explore your options, please contact Luxxury Boutique today.