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Body Contouring Patient Story – (Lipo, BBL)

The beginning of your journey:

How and why you decided to use Dr. Hakki and our practice?

I was doing a Google search and came across Drs’ Markmann, Rodriguez, and Hakki. I looked at the before and after pics, certifications, patient reviews, and experience l liked DR Hakki’s results the best. During my appt Dr Hakki showed me a video and did a drawing of what I was to expect this helped me in my final decision.

How did you feel the day of your procedure?

I was anxious, excited, and nervous.

How did you feel immediately after your procedure?

I don’t remember much I just know I felt safe I remember Dr. Hakki being there and more people I didn’t know who but he personally helped me to my car with my friend who took care of me.

Post Surgery:

How did you feel a month later?

I felt as if the results were worth the recovery…I LOVE working out and wanted to be able to get in the gym ASAP Lolz my body went from beer belly tall girl to AMAZON I wanted to show it off!!!!

What feedback did you receive from your friends and family?

My friends wanted to know WHO AND WHERE my surgeon was they told me they were glad I didn’t go with the “butt shots” and that I looked good. I got a lot of attention from strangers as well. “You look good cuzzo” ~ “You have the perfect body now” ~ Let’s go show you off”