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Mary’s Patient Story – (Tummy Tuck, Liposuction of the Neck, BBL)

Why you decided to use Dr. Hakki and Luxxery?

Mary and Bejamin: I was impressed with Dr. Hakki’s experience and personality and the location was great!

How did you feel the day of your procedure?

Mary: The day for the procedure brought anxiety and much anticipation for getting through the experience. I was pumped up going in and felt fine throughout the process with a little discomfort but mostly numbing soreness afterwards.

How did you feel immediately after your procedure?

Mary: I was really sleepy and thankful for the nursing follow-up for the first 48 hours after surgery. My husband appreciated the help as he was not sure how to manage and go through the routine of post-operation.

Post Surgery: How did you feel a month later?

Mary: 1 to 2 months after surgery I could easily see the firmness in my body. Unfortunately I needed some small procedure at 6 months to tighten me up but was happy to do it and progress through the experience.

What feedback did you receive from your friends?

Mary: Friends and family were happy to see the transformation and changes. My husband summarizes as “Great experience. Dr. Hakki should continue to temper all patients that change is slow and recognizable. Emphasize women are beautiful before surgery. I found that Mary was much more focused on her great looking body after the procedure and changing that style to look outwardly and be confident and share with others was awkward the first 6 months.”

What feedback did you receive from your family?

Bejamin: It was a great transition from before and after pics and in person. She lost a whole person and is looking better than ever. This was a BIG surgery and she made it through and recovered great and looking great. She went from Jello to J-Lo. She can be on the commercials now to talk and express her experience. We are so proud of her and she looks amazing. Doc did a great job! I thought Mary look great, stunning, younger and she felt good about herself. Great job Dr. Hakki!