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Tummy Tuck Patient Story

The beginning of your journey:

How and why you decided to use Dr. Hakki and our practice?

Prior to relocating to Maryland, I consulted with several surgeons over an eight year period to inquire about abdominoplasty surgery. I visited clinics that were very well known, surgeons recommended by close friends, and also military installations. I never felt comfortable with any of the surgeons so, I took a break for about 3-4 years. Finally, I spoke with a neighbor who had undergone a procedure with Dr. Hakki and she gave him rave reviews. Initially I was skeptical because I didn’t want to get my hopes up and start the journey over again. Well, my husband and I consulted with Dr. Hakki and immediately we knew he was the doctor to perform this procedure. My first visit was like meeting the person who would change my life forever.

How did you feel the day of your procedure?

I can honestly say that I was nervous because I had never gone through a surgical procedure before, but that only lasted until I reached the facility. Once I arrived and was greeted by the staff and Dr. Hakki, I felt like I was surrounded by the best caregivers in the world.

How did you feel immediately after your procedure?

I don’t remember a lot immediately following the surgery, but I know I didn’t experience any discomfort the day of surgery. Dr. Hakki ensured my husband had all the necessary items needed to make sure I had a comfortable night.

Post Surgery:

WOW!!! I feel amazing. I returned to work in 6 days without pain, strain or discomfort. The only thing I regret was not meeting Dr. Hakki sooner. I could have had the surgery years ago, but I don’t feel I would have been as comfortable or pleased with the results of any other surgeon.

What feedback did you receive from your friends and family?

My husband is the happiest man alive. He has always loved me no matter what, but now I feel like genie out of a bottle when I walk into the room. He compliments me all the time and he has actually starting shopping for me and buying those sexy items I have avoided for years. My friends and family constantly compliment me on my waistline and how my clothes fit my body. I have worn my shirts outside of my pants for years because I wasn’t comfortable with my stomach. Now, I wear everything tucked in and I look amazing.