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How Facial Fat Transfer Works

Facial Fat TransferOne of the most common causes of visible aging is a loss of volume in the face. While you may want to reduce the appearance of fat in areas of your body like your stomach, some people want to add more fat to their face so that they can appear more youthful.

What is the process of facial fat transfer?

Facial tat transfer is a bit more involved than other methods of restoring lost volume to the face. First, the surgeon harvests fat from one part of the body. Then the fat is purified and injected into the treatment area. While it is a bit more complicated than other methods of adding volume, it has the longest-lasting results.

Where does the fat come from?

The fat used in a facial fat transfer comes from your body. If you attempted to have someone else’s fat injected, there is a good chance that your body would reject it.

Where on your body the fat comes from truly depends on the shape of your body and your own preference. Common areas include the abdomen, buttocks, and hips. What’s important is that there is extra fat in the area you choose. It doesn’t need to be a lot, though. In general, there is a very mild reduction in the area – but not as much as you’d notice if you had liposuction.

How long does the process take?

Facial fat transfer can take up to 4 hours. This is because not only does the fat need to be harvested, but it must also be purified for injection, and then injected into the face.

What to expect during the facial fat transfer

During the facial fat transfer, the surgeon will administer the fat using a syringe and droplets. He will inject small amounts at a time, shaping the face to create a more youthful appearance.

What to expect after the procedure

Your final results might not be immediately visible. There is sometimes swelling and bruising in the area. The body will often reabsorb some of the fat that was injected, so you won’t see your final results for several days to a couple of weeks.

You shouldn’t need a lot of time off work after a facial fat transfer. You might want to take a few days for some of the swelling or puffiness to decrease.

Facial fat transfer can be an option if you want to alter your appearance to be more youthful and want a more permanent solution than other types of facial fillers. If you are interested in learning more about a facial fat transfer, contact Luxxery Boutique! Luxxery Boutique is an expert in facial fat transfers.